Thursday, June 28, 2007

hello little one...

my nephew, no my first nephew, was born last night at 7:45pm.
hello Jude Bonham - you are a blessing!

i, however, am a wreck! i was so nervous for them - i just manned the phones and knitted away! finished the baby socks - oops a spot of trouble! apparently i modified the first sock, did NOT take notes, and after letting it sit for a good 60 days or so, promptly forgot the mods. so, the sock i finished last night is oh... 1.5" longer then the other one?
guess i'll be frogging that! i found another pattern for booties i think i like better anyway, so i imagine i'll frog both the socks.
the pattern i found is the Better Then Booties Baby Socks from Knitting Daily
i am pretty excited about them, as i LOVE the toe.

on the personal front - i took another test wednesday (supposedly the five day mark before the "missed period") and it was, yet again, negative.
my dentist yesterday told me to go play with the new baby a lot, and let my body feel the "baby love".
hope it works! i'm sure it's just the stress from the house and such.

speaking of the house, have you seen the weather down here? i heard this morning we have gotten a full year's worth of rain since january. hmmm. definitely a bad year to build a house.

knitting (and baby!) pictures to come...

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Ariel said...

Oo, congratulations! Keep knitting and keep playing with your new nephew. The rest will work itself out.