Tuesday, July 10, 2007

she forgot her umbrella (mittens)

ok - so i have finished one (yup ONE) baby cabled mit.
i know - it takes what - an hour? to knit and i just can't seem to do the other one!
so many things on this girl's plate.

behold -

i also am very close to finishing the One Skein Baby Bolero -
um - ok i'm just going to say it.
i LOVE this pattern. maybe it's because it's just so... tiny
or maybe it's because i love the little man for whom it is being lovingly handcrafted
or maybe it's because i love the yarn...

whatever the case - i love this little item.
here is a photo of the in progress - it's actually much further along then this - just waiting on sleeves and seaming now...

oh! and what would a post of baby items be without the baby in question?
for your viewing pleasure -

Jude Bonham
July 27, 2007
8 lbs, 12 ozs
22 inches

love this kid.

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Ariel said...

Goodness, what a cutie! Keep knitting - he deserves it and that baby cabled mitt is adorable.