Monday, January 29, 2007


so - picked up the arial scarf this weekend... tried to anyway. decided the yarn i had purchased for it (a beautiful acrylic/wool blend in silvery-grey) though lovely, wasn't working at the size i had cast on. really need to add another repeat so it would be wide enough. i didn't think the pattern looked good in a skinny scarf.
so - change in plans for my mother. now she is getting a off white boucle ruffle scarf.
did i say ruffle scarf?
i know - i said i would never EVER do another ruffle anything again... but this yarn is perfect for it!
and it's really going along quite smoothly already.

so - what am i going to do with the silver yarn? cast on for fetching of course!

in non-diet news...
i have been eating healthy and within my points for 3 days now.

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