Thursday, February 01, 2007


beware - this is almost the exact same post from my house blog...

i'm just sayin...


unfortunately, our current housing situation requires that we bootleg internet from our neighbors.

now, i know what you're saying - something like

"but robin - that's bad"
"but robin - isn't that illegal?"
"but robin - that's AWESOME!"
(ok maybe not the last one...)

anyway - we knew cancelling the dreaded DSL that we would be solely dependant on the neighbors.

were they home?
were they on?
can they feel our presence?

well - it happened. we have finally hit a wall. either my laptop is tired of playing this sneaky robbing-a-bank-but-it's-only-the-internet game, or the neighbors have packed up the routers and called it a day.

we have no access at home.

this comes as a great sadness to myself, especially since i just spent 3 days overhauling the site.
3 days.
can i upload the changes?

hmmm that's a negative ghostrider.
the pattern is full.

so - in knitting news...
ruffle scarf is moving along quite nicely.
i am sad to say i have not cast on for anything else right now. i just want to get this ruffle madness out of my bag - then it's projects for everyone!

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