Friday, January 26, 2007

around the corner

Today's horoscope

You may feel as if you have rounded a corner and can finally see open road ahead. The bumpy lane you are traveling gets smoother by the hour. The only problem is that you cannot tell if this change is based on reality or on your wishful thinking. Remember that the mind is a powerful tool, and your positive thoughts can truly fill in the rough spots.

i can totally relate today. i feel emotionally better then i have in a long while. like each day isn't this mundane series of nothings that just carry over into the next day anymore. it's nice.
i went to a ww meeting today - i know, again - but it felt right this time. it felt like it did the first time. i wasn't there because i half-heartily wanted to try yet another diet. i was there because of this post by a courageous woman i secretly and totally admire.
i was so impressed with her honesty. i just sat there (at my work computer mind you) and bawled.

so... i rounded a corner today. i decided i don't want to be on a diet anymore. i want to eat to live. i want to eat to be healthy. i want to eat and not feel guilty anymore.

feels good.
feels right.
i'm pretty emotional about it. so that's always a good sign... ;)

in knitting news -

i have cast on again for my husband sock(s).
i finally figured out that i was using the incorrect size needles. i still haven't gotten the hang or the understanding of the whole right-needle-for-the-right-yarn thing, but i'm getting there. anyway, i'm starting off with a 2x2 rib, and it looks great! (pictures to come) by the way, i am using this pattern.

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