Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new year...

Goodbye 2011. 

For our family you represent loss, heartache and fiscal fear. 
Oh sure... there were good times in there as well. Our year was, by no means, as bad as many others. But you gave us quite a beating none the less. 

We won't be sad to see you go. 

Welcome 2012. 

We are happy to see you, and all the good hopes you bring. 

Good things in the works here at butterbirds... 
The shop ( is open and we have ACTUALLY had orders!
I have found myself with more inspiration lately, and that is directly translating into my crafts. 
We have our health, and when we don't, we have insurance (finally). 

Life is good. 

May your new year be blessed with all you want, need, and aspire for. 

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