Friday, May 23, 2008


well i have done it. i have finally - F I N A L L Y - cast on for a Clapotis (ravelry link) and i'm here to tell you - this will be my first of MANY!
i can see it now - clapotis for mother-in-law's birthday, clapotis for christmas, clapotis for that "i love you" gift to my sister...
clapotis for everyone!

so I am using this great yarn - and there's a story here...

i had finished the daddy/bean socks (what? i havn't shown you those yet? oh well here -

ok back to the story)

so anyways - i had finished the daddy/bean socks, and i had started and finished the baby hat from one skein (what? i didn't show you that either? sigh... oh and i should probably take this moment to show you the baby bolero that i cast on for in the same yarn -

ok are we all caught up now?)

so, after starting and finishing the hat, and casting on for the baby bolero, i decided that it was time for something for mommy. i have yet to knit myself something since that first scarf i knit 3 years ago (which i never wear - ugh the hideous-ness of it all) but everyone else has got something - including this baby who isn't even born yet!
so - i went to my LYS and kind of wandered about looking for the perfect clapotis yarn. The wonderful sales lady there (gosh why can't i remember her name???) totally took all my demands into play and found me this yarn -

it's Queensland Collection Pima Fresca - and I LOVE IT!

look at how it varigates - but just ever so slightly!

it's so soft, and the drape - oh my gosh the drape is divine.
i wanted something i could use as not only a shawl, but also a nursing cover in the hospital you know - something washable but luxurious, with depth of color but not varigated... jackpot!

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