Tuesday, September 25, 2007


july 11th?
sorry folks - apparently i have been horribly remiss about posting.
i have no excuse.
we didn't move until august 3 - and we've been set up computer-wise at the new house since august 9...
no excuse
absolutely despicable!

ok now that i have publicly flogged myself for my awful posting here's what has been happening -

moved into the house(!)
lost my job
started freelancing

i never finished the baby bolero - well i got close, i set in one sleeve, then started to set in the other, but i tried to be funky and do some wierd joining that didn't work too well. didn't matter, as i took so long to make it that the baby for the baby bolero is now too big. although, i am thinking of fixing it and passing it along at a baby shower i have this weekend. add a set of booties and i am set!

the sidewinders didn't get far - never even finished swatching.

the toe-ups also have been neglected, with no progress at all since the last time i wrote about them.

so what have i been knitting?
well, i have been working on some baby mits - trying to modify the pattern to add cables (very nice i think)
also, i knit and felt (or fulled whatever) a set of three bowls for my friend Wendy ... sort of a housewarming/your-the-best/art-trade thing.
and i also started knitting the color block cardigan from One Skein for my friend's baby girl - well she turns ONE this saturday - so it's a gift for her. i did it in colors of pink.

that's it for now. i have pictures but they are on another computer (sigh - i guess i'm not really set up yet) so i'll have them up soon.

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