Wednesday, December 20, 2006

yes virginia, there is a nikon...

so - the husband and i played christmas last night - a bit early i know, but since we are to be out of town on the actual day, (and my gifts for him were WAY too big to pack) well, you know...

so - dreams came true! husband got me a nikon D-50!
i am so totally overwhelmed with how AWESOME this thing is.
i mean, i have been taking shots with it at work all day. it's amazing how nice a picture of a stress squeezy can be when taken with a good great camera.

i'll post pics soon (taken with the wonderful delia (her new name)

in the meantime - more gift talk.
i bought z a carved wood deer head from Velocity Art and Design

groovy no?

also - i bought him a cat cocoon from our friend Warren Lieu at One Form. this thing is so crazy cool i don't know what else to say about it.

it's even better in person (if you can believe that!) it's really big - like, the cat in the picture must be a huge cat.
seriously - i would have bought it even if it wasn't for a cat - i mean, it's so beautiful!
pictures of jonnycat in the cocoon to come...

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