Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Times they are a changin...

Gosh has it been over a month? Well - I've been busy...

Crazy right? Looks like the due date will be november 22. Thanksgiving. We are definitely thankful!

I've still been working, and sewing and working. 3 jobs on the books right now and it's just not enough.
Looks like the educational publishing bubble is about to burst. Is no industry immune to financial woes?

I'm hoping to start something a little more toward my original field (photography) and keep on with ButterbirdsHandmade. Perhaps that combo will be the one that finally works.

The hubbs is still interviewing for teaching jobs, still stoically accepting his rejection letters.
It's heartbreaking to watch.
He's worked so hard, and his certifications are numerous (ec-12 SPED, 9-12 Science, 4-8 Science/Math, 4-8 Generalist) but because he's only worked as a long-term sub or educational assistant for the past 4 years NO ONE will give him a chance. They all want "experience".
Silly really.
He's got the experience. he's been running classes, preparing lessons, disciplining hard-case students, and getting the grades for 4 years! That should count right? It apparently doesn't. I keep telling him to hang in there, that it's a "buyer's market" right now in Austin. There are a LOT of teachers looking for work. Not as many jobs.

We're hanging in there. I'm hoping, BELIEVING, that this is only the windy mess that comes before the slate is wiped clean. That the other side of this long, dark tunnel is bright sunshine.... and all those other hallmark sentiments.

On a better note, ButterbirdsHandmade has been featured a LOT on Etsy treasuries. It's pretty amazing how many people love a good tutu!
Also, a wonderful customer Lauren R. sent me this (amazing) image taken by their family photographer B Chase Photography (https://www.facebook.com/BChasePhotography).

Isn't it fabulous! I LOVE to see ButterbirdsHandmade stuff in action!

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