Friday, February 10, 2012

Grrr and Hooray!

So my template has decided to break - again. Guess I'm moving over to wordpress. This week has really been plagued with tech woes. I would just like to get everything slightly operational so I can get back to sewing and knitting and LIVING.

I have always been such a fan of blogger - it's ease of use and generally nice templates. I didn't have to hard code unless I wanted too. But lately - meh. It doesn't show a nice mobile template (even though I selected quite a nice one) and then weird things like this happen.

Where exactly is my sidebar?
Oh it's in my footer?
Well, that make sense.

What's your blog service? Do you like it? Why?

On another, much happier, note - Dana from Made (one of my favorite reads) packed her bag and baby belly off to the hospital yesterday to birth her third.
Wow. I am so happy for her! Please join me in congratulating her and her family on this great event!

Sigh - I love babies. Mine is such a big-boy now... although sometimes, when I'm VERY lucky, he'll let me snuggle him as if he were a baby.

Pictured: Jasper, 3.5 years.

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