Wednesday, May 12, 2010

O(verlock) JOY!

So, my inlaws gave me an older* babylock machine a couple of years ago.
I never used it, thinking NOTHING could be better than the workhorse I
had learned on. I was totally guilty of machine-ism. I admit it!

Fast forward to last weekend, when in a FLURRY of morher's day sewing,
old faithful up and crapped out on me. There was thread flying
everywhere, my tension knob spinning loosely, tears moistening my

Today I bit the bullet, pulled the babylock out of the attic and
plugged it in.

So this is what I've been missing? Even stitches? CHECK!
User-friendly threading? CHECK!
Multiple stitches?
Working tension?
Snap on presser feet?

My favorite? The fancy overlock stitch. No more zig-zagging edges for
me! Wooohooo!

*by older I mean many years NEWER than my grandmother's 1960s
something desk model.

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