Friday, October 16, 2009

wherein there lies an update of sorts

i figured it was HIGH TIME to post some WIP pictures... i would like to say i will do this every friday... but if you notice on my 365 pictures (which i only got to 3 on...) that most likely won't happen. so let's just be happy with what we get shall we?

ok first up - the men's zippered raglan from last minute knitted gifts.
i LOVE this so much. the yarn is sproingy and soft, and it's going very fast, if i could just quit casting on for other last-minute-but-must-be-done-NOW gifts...

the jaywalker from grumperina...

i still haven't figured out why i don't have DOZENS of these in my sock drawer.

and the baby blanket -
affectionately named the taking-up-all-my-time-baby-blanket.

it's my own pattern - i cast on 130 or so, knit in dot stitch, and plan to pick up around the edges and use the scallop pattern from the baby hat pattern in one skein... AKA my go-to baby pattern. i am going to make the baby hat too... you know so i (uh the baby i mean) can be all matchy-matchy.

there are MANY OTHER THINGS i am working on... but maybe that will give me a reason to update more often? one can hope...

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k said...

LOVE the blanket (and the yarn! what did you use?)