Thursday, May 28, 2009

May sock- check!

Well after many fitful starts, rips and re-starts, I have the first of the hubs' Herringbone Rib sock done!
I tell you- this is one sturdy sock. I swatched, got gauge with 2.5mm needles, but once I reached half-way down the leg it was painfully apparent that it would not fit.

Not me NOR my hubs.


I ripped back to the cuff (which was perfect sizing by the way) and needled up to 3mm for the rest of the sock.
Honestly, it is still quite tight but hubs assures me he likes the fit (once he muscles them on.) I am hoping the sock will relax a bit with wash and wear, but we'll see...
I love the finished stitch pattern though- very tactile.
I did not like, however, the crazy pooling, especially since the pattern was written for handpainted yarn. I'm sure it has to do with the crazy needle sizing I had to do but alas...
Now, on to the pics!
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