Monday, March 02, 2009

February's sock - Late

So, since I had to frog my monkey sock, I didn't have a sock for February. And with only two days to make one, I didn't think casting on for an adult sock was in order.

Behold, Jasper's second pair of socks (well the first one of the second pair anyway). I will be binding off tonight, only 2 days into March so I'm not too too past due. I'll have the other one finished this week, leaving a lot of time for me socks.

The pattern is the "on your toes" from interweave knits. Posting from the huckleberry so no link info.

If the yarn looks familiar its the koigu I bought for the husband socks. I had to buy a third skein with only an inch or so to go on the second sock. Sigh. Oh well, I love me some leftover sock yarn!

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