Wednesday, January 10, 2007

say it isn't so

i've done it!
i've cast on for my first sock!

it's quite exhilarating really.

here's how it happened...

my LYS was having a wonderful sale last weekend, which of course i was going to stay far, far, away from.
i had promised husband you see - no more yarn!

well, on sunday we decided to scooter down to the south congress area (which is where my LYS is located) and walk around a bit.
of course we decide to do this on a beautiful, CEDAR FILLED day - so my allergies were absolutely out of control.
husband eventually took pity on me and said those words we all long to hear -

h - why don't we drop in to LYS and get you some sock yarn?

me - really?

h - yeah - let's just get you some!

so of course, who am i to argue? well, i found some beautiful stuff for sure!
(i'll post pictures soon i promise!)

anyway - the point of all this is i actually did it! cast on to toothpicks, split the stitches up between multiple toothpicks, and went at it! i would say i have about 3" so far - very exciting.

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