Thursday, December 07, 2006

don't eat the birthday girl

hiya -
long time no write it seems.
well, a birthday is as good a day as any in my book.

first off - my booty - no, not that booty - my haul, my treasure, my gifts!

I have been coveting this book forever!

and these shoes - divine!

and the pièce de résistance... a real Herman Miller chair! a rocking chair!
oh so so beautiful. i can't wait to sit and knit in it...

dinner tonight at 7.30 - i have no idea where. that husband of mine - he takes my breath away.

knitting updates soon! lots of FO's but they are christmas gifts so no pics yet...

1 comment:

sissy said...

I like the rocker sweetie! Very modern, but still so wonderful. Congrats on that nice booty of yours....and the gifts too! haha